Westgate Rewards Benefits

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1. Earn Cash

Earning Westgate Rewards Points is like putting cash in your pocket! You can redeem your Points same as cash in your PayPal account.

2. Apply to Your Account

You can take your Westgate Rewards earnings and apply them toward your Westgate Resorts mortgage or maintenance & Tax account.

3. Invest in Yourself with our Online Learning Tools

Learn how to increase your referrals and Rewards by watching our easy-to-follow sales training videos. See how easy it is to share offers with friends and family through email and social networking.

4. Upgrade to Earn More

Upgrade to the ultimate referral program “Westgate Travel Partners” and earn to $675 with each referral. You will earn cash for vacation sales and timeshare contracts. Contact us to learn more 1-800-214-7804

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$4,000,000 in Rewards Paid to Date!

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