Terms & Conditions

Owner Referral Reward Program / Travel Partner Program: As a Westgate Resorts owner or a Westgate Resort Travel Partner you may be eligible to receive benefits for pre-booked with Owner Referral, qualified referrals that purchase a timeshare during a sales presentation at a Westgate Resorts property. An owner or travel partner can only be eligible for a reward if both the owner’s account(s) and the referral’s account(s) are in good standing with no past-due mortgage payments or maintenance and tax payments. Any independent advertising or promotions to produce qualified referrals are strictly prohibited.
Qualified Referral: A qualified referral is a married, cohabitating, or engaged couple with a verifiable annual household income of $60,000 USD for U.S. Citizens, $100,000 USD for single U.S Citizens, and $100,000 USD for Canadian and U.K. Citizens; if traveling to Las Vegas $60,000 USD for married, cohabitating, or engaged couples. Income excludes any and all income derived from unemployment, alimony, child support, or disability. Qualified married, cohabitating or engaged couples are individuals between the ages of 28 to 68 or qualified singles between the ages of 30 to 68. Participants must attend a 2-hour discovery tour and sales presentation of Westgate Resorts, Ltd. If married, cohabitating or engaged, both individuals must attend presentation together and present a valid major credit card; no pre-paid cards or reloadable cards accepted. Guest(s) must have a valid credit card in their name with an available line of credit to hold resort security deposit and taxes upon check-in. If married, cohabiting, or engaged both parties must provide proof of matching addresses by presenting valid photo government identification, such as a driver’s license. Offer not valid for parents and children of Westgate owners. Qualified participants traveling to Orlando must speak English, Spanish or Portuguese fluently; if traveling to any other Westgate location, English fluently. Current Westgate owners may qualify for certain promotions if the above criteria have been met and their account is in good standing. CFI/Westgate Resorts employees and their immediate families are not eligible for this promotion. Minimum requirement may be higher and other qualifications may vary, based on destination and travel season. To be considered a qualified registered referral of an owner or travel partner, the owner or travel partner must be pre-booked with the Owner Referral department only and the referral must provide the following information: current name, address, phone number, and e-mail address (if applicable), and spouse’s name (if applicable). All qualified referrals’ contact information must be current and valid. If there is a duplication of a qualified referral between two participants, the first participant to register the referral in the program will receive the referral reward. Referral group reservations for the same property are prohibited. Participation in this program and submission of a qualified referral constitutes permission for Westgate to use your name when contacting your qualified referral(s).
Qualified Referral Sale: If a qualified referral, submitted and pre-booked in the Owner Referral department, meets the qualifications of this program and purchases a timeshare interest during their initial sales presentation, you may be eligible to receive compensation. Florida law limits referral payments to 20 timeshare sales per calendar year. There is no reward eligibility for a referral that enters into a Vacation Occupancy Agreement (rental program). Referrals are not qualified under this program if they already own a Vacation Occupancy Agreement and tour and purchase timeshare. Subsequent purchases from qualified referrals do not entitle the referrer to additional rewards. If a referral has already toured or already purchased prior to the owner referring them, then no reward will be awarded for that referral.
Owner Referral Reward Payment: If eligible, reward payments will be electronically loaded to a designated PayPal account when not prohibited by state or country restrictions, or payments may be applied to maintenance if Paypal is prohibited. Special restrictions may apply for non-domestic Owners. Owner Referral Reward Scale: Travel Partner Reward Payment: All payments will be electronically loaded to a designated PayPal account when not prohibited by state or country restrictions. Special restrictions may apply for non-domestic Owners. To create a PayPal account, visit PayPal.com and click “Sign up”. To reach PayPal by phone, dial 1-888-221-1161 or (402) 935-2050 Click for PayPal FAQs.
Travel Partner Payment Scale:

Additional Terms & Conditions – Westgate Travel Partners You may terminate your Travel Partnership in writing within 30 days and receive a full refund, providing no commissions have been earned or paid out. Cancellation outside of the 30 day period will result in forfeiture of the membership fee. Westgate Travel Partners is not valid for Westgate employees or contractors of Westgate Resorts. You must own timeshare purchased directly from the developer in order to qualify to sign up for this program. Vacation Occupancy Agreements (Rental Program), Resale and Travel Club Owners do not qualify. Additional advertising must be approved by Westgate prior to publication. Annual renewal fee of $50 is required for the Florida Seller of Travel (“SOT”) license. It is the Travel Partners responsibility to renew such license directly with the State of Florida. Instructions for renewal can be found when logging into your account under the “Learning Tools” tab and at https://csapp.800helpfla.com/csrep/default.aspx. If the renewal is not completed before the then-current expiration date, the Travel Partners membership will be in an “Expired” status and all commissions suspended until the license is renewed. Once the license is renewed all eligible pending commission will be paid to the Travel Partner on the next scheduled pay day. Westgate reserves the right to terminate anyone’s Travel Partner Membership if they violate the advertising or ethics policy. This includes, but is not limited to, social media representation and adherence to Community Standards policies regulated by Facebook. Westgate reserves the right to deactivate any Travel Member who violates these policies, including, but not limited to threats, personal attacks, bullying or harassment of any individual or to the company directly. These standards can be found on Facebook.com/community standards. These Owner Referral Reward Program / Travel Partner Program terms and conditions are subject to change at any time in Westgate Marketing, LLC’s sole and absolute discretion without notice. All commission or points listed are subject to verification with the Travel Partners department. The Owner Referral Reward Program / Travel Partner Program are void where prohibited by law.
GENERAL To promote the opportunity Westgate Travel Partners offers, Travel Partners are required to use the sales aids, business tools, and support materials produced by Westgate Resorts, Ltd. (hereinafter “Westgate”). Westgate has carefully designed its products, product labels, and promotional materials to ensure that they are promoted in a fair and truthful manner that its claims are substantiated, and that the materials comply with Federal and State laws and rules. Travel Partners may only advertise or promote Westgate’s Travel Partner business using approved tools, templates or images acquired through Westgate. No approval is necessary to use these tools. Travel Partners are not permitted to send unsolicited commercial or mass emails, use or transmit unsolicited faxes, or advertise on television and radio in connection with their Westgate Travel Partner business, except with Westgate’s prior express written approval and unless such advertising strictly complies with applicable laws and regulations including, without limitation, the CAN-SPAM Act (2003).
TRAVEL PARTNER WEBSITES Travel Partners are provided and may use a replicated website by Westgate, from which they can take orders and enroll new Travel Partner business. Travel Partners are not permitted to create their own website(s) to directly and/or indirectly promote Westgate and/or the Travel Partner opportunity, list or sell Westgate products on any online retail store or ecommerce site, or enlist or knowingly allow a third party to sell the Westgate Travel Partner on any online retail store or ecommerce site.
BANNER ADVERTISING Travel Partners may place approved banner advertisements on website(s) provided Westgate’s approved templates and images are used. Modifications are not permitted. All banner advertisements must link to Travel Partners replicated website. Travel Partners may not use blind ads (ads that do not disclose the identity of the Company), or web pages that make product or income claims that are ultimately associated with Westgate and/or the Travel Partner opportunity.
DIGITAL MEDIA SUBMISSION (YouTube, iTunes, Photo Bucket etc.) Travel Partners are not permitted to upload, submit, or publish Westgate-related video, audio, presentations, computer files, or photo content without Westgate’s prior express written approval. All submissions must clearly identify the Travel Partner as an Independent Westgate Travel Partner in the content itself. The content description tag must comply with all legal requirements, including, but not limited to Federal and State Copyright laws, and must state that the Travel Partner is solely responsible for the content.
DOMAIN NAMES AND EMAIL ADDRESSES Except as set forth in the Travel Partners Website Application and Agreement, Travel Partners may not use and/or attempt to register any trade names, trademarks, service names, service marks, product names, company names and/or any derivative of the foregoing belonging to and/or associated with Westgate, its parent company, and/or any subsidiaries, affiliates, and/or related entities, for any Internet domain name, email address or social media name or address.
IDENTIFICATION AS AN INDEPENDENT WESTGATE TRAVEL PARTNER Travel Partners must disclose their full name on all Social Media postings, and conspicuously identify themselves as an independent Travel Partner for Westgate Travel Partners. Anonymous postings and/or use of an alias are strictly prohibited.
SOCIAL MEDIA Social Media may be used by Travel Partners to share information about the Westgate Travel Partner business opportunity and for prospecting. Social Media sites may not be used to sell or offer to sell specific Westgate products and services. Profiles a Travel Partner generates in any social community where Westgate is discussed or mentioned must clearly identify the Travel Partner as an Independent Westgate Travel Partner, and when a Travel Partner participates in those communities, Travel Partners must avoid inappropriate conversations, comments, images, video, audio, applications, or any other adult, profane, discriminatory, or vulgar content. Banner ads and images used on these sites must be current and must come from the Travel Partners approved library. If a link is provided, it must link to the posting Travel Partner’s Replicated Website. Travel Partners may not use the Westgate name in any social media profile names and may not use blog spam, spamdexing, or any other mass-replicated methods to leave blog comments. A Westgate Travel Partner may not represent themselves as Westgate, and/or its parent company, and/or any subsidiary, affiliate, or related entity, or use the Westgate Name other than to clear identify themselves as an independent Westgate Travel Partner.
TRAVEL PARTNERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR POSTINGS Travel Partners are personally responsible for their postings and all other online activity that relates to Westgate Travel Partners., Even if a Travel Partner does not own or operate a blog or Social Media site, if a Travel Partner posts to any such site that relates to Westgate and/or Westgate Travel Partners, then the Travel Partner is responsible for the posting. Travel Partners are also responsible for any and all postings by other persons and entities which occur on any blog or Social Media site owned, controlled, or operated by the Travel Partner.
DECEPTIVE POSTINGS Postings that are false, misleading or deceptive are strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, false or deceptive postings relating to Westgate, its parent company, affiliates, subsidiaries, and/or related entities, and the Westgate Travel Partner business opportunity.
USE OF THIRD PARTY INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Travel Partners are responsible for the licensing for use of the trademarks, trade names, service marks, copyrights or intellectual property of any third party in any posting all third-party intellectual property must be properly referenced as the property of the third-party. Travel Partners must adhere to any restrictions and conditions that the owner of the intellectual property places on the use of its property. Westgate will not be held liable, in contract or in tort, for any infringement or violation by any Travel Partners on the intellectual property rights of any third party.
PROFESSIONALISM Travel Partners must respect the privacy of others in their postings, and ensure that all postings are truthful and accurate. Travel Partners must fact check any and all material posted online. Any and all postings must be carefully checked for spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors. Use of offensive language is strictly prohibited.
RESPONDING TO NEGATIVE POSTS Travel Partners are not permitted to converse with any person and/or entity which place a negative post against him/her, other independent Travel Partners or Westgate. Negative posts must be reported to the Westgate at TravelPartners@wgresorts.com. Westgate will address all reported negative posts.