The Way Points Travel

Four Ways to Easily Collect Points

1. Refer Friends and Family

There's no better way to earn Westgate Rewards than by simply sharing the joys and amenities of a Westgate Resorts vacation with your friends and family. The more you share, the more you can earn. Meanwhile, your referrals will enjoy exclusive vacation discounts and the opportunity to create their own dream vacation memories.

2. Marketing Materials

Generating referrals and earning Rewards is easy when you utilize our wide range of professional, ready-made marketing materials! You can download and print customized handouts and bulletin board materials. Or you can share exclusive Westgate vacation package banners via Facebook, Twitter, email or your own website.

3. Shopping Mall

It pays to shop with Westgate! The Westgate Shopping Mall puts more than 3,500 popular stores and retailers at your fingertips. Shop online anytime and enjoy discounts, daily deals, special coupons and exclusive promotions. Plus you'll receive valuable Rewards points for every online purchase you make!

4. Westgate Toolbar

The Westgate Shopping Mall can be accessed directly from the Westgate Rewards Toolbar. You’ll receive Rewards points for simply installing the Toolbar on your computer. In addition to shopping online, the Toolbar allows you to quickly view your Rewards points and check important program messages.

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